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Compliantia has 51 enterprise customers, retailers and CPGs, on 3 continents. Below, just some of our customers by region and category.

United States

Spas, 1,100 spas
Wireless, 350 stores
Brand name fashion, accessories and home decor, Florida, 271 stores
Convenience and gas distribution, Georgia, 237 gas stations
Automotive service centers and tires, Florida, 210 centers
Construction and industrial supplies, Florida, 200 stores
Food service, 57 restaurants
Rent to own, 35 stores
Furniture, Florida, 26 stores
Supermarkets, Wisconsin, 22 supermarkets
Thrift stores, Texas, 20 stores
Jewelry, Texas


Consumer packaged goods, 3,000 quick service restaurants
Food service, 370 cafés
Shipping and copy, 367 centres
Pharmacy retail, 200 pharmacies
University, food service operations


Convenience and gas distribution, 600 stores
Pharmacy retail, 450 pharmacies
Pharmacy retail, 280 pharmacies
Food service, 24 cafés

United Kingdom

Gas distribution, 1,000 stations
Parking operations, 102 lots
Rent to own, 68 stores

Continental Europe and Middle East

Parking operations, 740 lots
Florists, 328 franchisees
Food service, 18 European countries and middle east, 319 restaurants
Quick service restaurants, France, 215 restaurants
Confectionery, France, 161 stores
Restaurants, France, 154 restaurants
Restaurants, France, 136 restaurants
Car rental, France, 124 agencies
Glasses, frames and eyewear, France, 97 branches
Car rental, France, 94 agencies
Home building, France, 79 agencies
Fitness, France, 72 clubs
Japanese dine-in and sushi delivery, France
Confectionery, France, 59 stores
Travel, France, 51 agencies
Supermarkets, France, 43 supermarkets