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Smart Store Checklists in United States

Build smart checklists. Audit stores. Share reports. Track results.

Retail Audit

Ready to Take Store Performance to the Next Level?

What is a Smart Checklist?

It has points, best-practice photos, supporting files, conditionals and action plan recommendations. It allows company standards to be checked, deficiencies tracked, assigned and resolved. It guarantees programs and policies are deployed in full, in time, in every store.

Phone | Tablet | Laptop

Phone | Tablet | Laptop
  • SMB - United States

  • $99 / month

  • 5 audits / month

  • Unlimited users

  • Credit card billing
  • Best for less than 5 stores
  • + 5 tickets
  • + 5 tasks
  • Online help
  • -
  • SMB - United States

  • $250 / month

  • 15 audits / month

  • Unlimited users

  • Credit card billing
  • Best for 5 to 15 stores
  • + 15 tickets
  • + 15 tasks
  • Online help
  • -

Work Faster in United States. Save Money.

Prepare, audit and follow-up faster and more effectively. Save over 2 hours per audit.

Retail Audit: Work faster, save money

End-to-End Workflow

Calendar, automated scoring, maps, action plans, signatures, notifications and reminders. Powerful reports, graphs and exports to PDF and Excel™. API access and Single Sign On.

End-to-end closed-loop audit workflow

Save 1% of sales by executing merchandising programs in time, in full, in all locations.

Save 1.7% of sales by auditing loss-prevention practices in your stores.

Save 2h 25 and $84.81 per district manager visit to each store.

Mitigate health and safety risks and costs for customers and employees.

Ensure the store environment is conducive to a positive customer experience and higher sales.

Inspect what you expect. Close the loop. Fix problem areas. Track it all in real time.

Why, who, when and how to conduct retail audits. The definitive guide to retail audits.

Don't just find problems, fix them! The action plan applies corrective actions to problems.

What to do before, during and after an audit to a store? How to perform a retail audit.