Relentless loss prevention

Checklists, tasks, and secure communication to help you protect your brand, reduce errors and make sites accountable.

Reduce risks - Compliant IA

Reduce risk

Use mobile inspection checklists to verify loss prevention procedures across all sites.
Boost productivity - Compliant IA

Boost productivity

Put everything your team needs to implement your programs in one place.
Be proactive - Compliant IA

Be proactive

Identify and fix loss prevention issues before they affect your bottom line.

Execute loss prevention standards

Reinforce best practices and keep sites accountable.

  1. Gain site visibility

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    Know where your programs are executed and where there are coaching opportunities.

  2. Reduce error

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    21% of shrink is caused by administrative or paperwork errors. Use real-time, trackable communication to reduce paper errors and time waste.

  1. Maintain your standards

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    Teams can conduct inspections on any device, online or offline. See real-time site data to track trends and verify execution.

  2. Measure consistency

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    Instantly generate and share reports to track loss prevention compliance by site.

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    Review specific items. Identify failure points and root causes.

All the features you need

Standardize loss prevention procedures across all sites. Create a record of prevention.

Customize checklists

Create as many checklists as you need in minutes to rollout and verify your programs.

Include best practice photos and supporting documents to reinforce loss prevention procedures.

Assign tasks

No more issues falling through the cracks. Set priority level and schedule the due date. Mandatory photos let you verify completion from anywhere.

Deploy training

Use the content manager to deploy loss prevention training and policy updates across the organization. Read receipts verify engagement. Produce tasks for topics that require additional action.

Automate corrective actions

Effectively manage incidents by assigning responsibility at the site. Automate notifications and reminders. Track resolution in real-time from anywhere.

Our customers are saying

HuHot Mongolian Grill Logo
“I have realized a two hour time savings per visit and we have greatly improved our ability to analyze compliance with standards.”
Director of Operations
HuHot Mongolian Grill

“88% of Compliant IA customers report improved task completion and site activities.”
Seattle Goodwill
“Compliant IA has helped us achieve greater consistency, efficiency and a stronger in-store experience.”
Director, Business Development and Strategies
Seattle Goodwill

Automate loss prevention procedures