Pharmacy Communication, Execution and Automation | Compliant IA

Uncompromising pharmacies

Deploy operating procedures and brand standards across your pharmacies

Standardize pharmacy procedures

Operations, merchandising and health and safety inspections with one intuitive platform.

  1. Conduct inspections

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    Customize checklists in minutes for pharmacy operating standards and safety, merchandising and POP, training and customer experience.

  2. Support your teams

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    Put all the resources your pharmacy and retail teams need in one place. Deploy updates instantly across your organization.

  3. Verify security and safety

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    Ensure best practices are followed for medication storage, dispensing, and disposal.

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    Verify required security measures are in place. Create a record of proactive safety.

  1. Merchandising and POP

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    Confirm programs are executed and displays are stocked with appropriate products.

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    Instantly share photos and comments with store teams.

  2. Brand standards

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    Protect the customer experience. Confirm employees adhere to dress code and customer interaction standards.

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    Identify coaching opportunities to train more effectively.

The features you need

Set permissions

Built-in field hierarchy and pharmacy affiliations allow you to keep certain data confidential.

Assign tasks

Instantly send tasks to pharmacy and store teams like medication recalls, pricing changes, and merchandising rollouts. Track completion in real-time.

Automate with sensors

Site sensors monitor temperature and humidity around the clock. Notifications and alerts sent to the appropriate team members.

Deploy training

Use the content manager to deploy training for customer service, government regulations, and new initiatives. Read receipts verify engagement. Produce tasks when additional actions are required.

Customers are saying

Health and safety

95% of Compliant IA customers report improved health and safety.

Customer experience

89% of Compliant IA customers report improved customer experience.

Business risks

91% of Compliant IA customers report a reduction in business risks.

Execute your way to success

On time, in full, at all locations