Intuitive platform allows you to effectively manage and customize your account to your specific workflow.

Easy to manage.

No waiting on us. One-day rollout.

  1. Build your own forms

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    Create checklists for all your programs/inspections online. Import your current forms with a single file excel upload.

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    As many forms as you need. Each with its own effective date, expiry date, and viewing permissions and restrictions.

  2. Manage your sites

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    Create your sites and users with a few clicks. Built-in field hierarchy lets you restrict visibility permissions.

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    Optionally use a single-file Excel upload to create, update, or inactivate all or some sites and users. Changes are applied immediately.

  1. Create your workflow

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    Control who gets notifications. Who can see site data.

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    Choose whether corrective actions are needed and when they can be assigned, whether sign-off or photos are required.

  2. One-day setup

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    Create your account, upload your sites and teams, create your forms.

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    Need a little help? We are happy to get you up and running and suggest best practices for program rollout.

Execute your programs

On time, in full, at all sites